The Love Frequency Video – Image and Animation Credits

Video produced and directed by Paul Vedant

Technical Assistance from Steve Pitt & Qubenzis

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Image Credits

Thank you to all of the following who have kindly contributed images to the video. Please note that all images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission from the contributors.
Wholewheat Radio  
Walter Trujillo Vulcanus Web
Sophie Hamilton  
Harald Zappe
Michal Tellos Terranuts
Rob Pongi Robpongi com
Ned May Chromatism
Welsh Wench Jay and Gee My Zen
Steve Pitt No Frills Property Spain
Diego Manuel Rodriguez
Kevin A. Williams Wak Art
Rebecca Clayton Obsidian Bay
Ron Russell Cropcircles org
Ady Scope Madbox com
Photo of Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle by Julian Cash
Aline Pottier Casada Cultura
Amulet e-Panaphobia
Andrea Palframan Amper Sand Imaging
Andreas Pape Homepage mac com
Anny Marie Gaul Anny Marie Gaul
Arlyne Arlyner
Brian N. Hewlett
Charles & Cheryl Cavalconte Wedding Ministers
Clarke M. Smith TimeAxis Media
Daniel McCulloch Dolphin Synergy
Diane and Mike McKnight We hug
Dorian Visionheart Dyer
Fiona Scott Coffe Cat
Gedeon Peteri
Giles Penny  
Greg B
Henrique Arruda  
Jack Haas
Jessica Olshen
John Hagan
John Lathram
K. Santos
Kerry Mitchell
Kim Gallion
Kirsten Unger
Kristine Madsen  
Leah Theige
Najat Fares Kessler
Phil Speirs
Silvia Wy’a poty & Leticia Okan
Stephen Bourdeau
Joe Carroll World of stock com
Steve Walsh Advanced
dj com
Steven N Severinghaus
Tim Ronayne Planetranger South
Tomasz Dziubinski
Victor Zhang
William Matar
Zombie Joe Zombie Joes com / Limecat org
Clip-art-space com  
Sd state edu  
Big Stock Photos

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