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Reflexology is a holistic treatment of the feet that benefits the whole being - the physical body, mind, emotions and spirit. The body is reflected in the feet, and by working the pressure points on the feet reflexology has a balancing effect on the recipient.


Aromatherapy is a holistic massage using highly concentrated plant extracts that have healing properties. It can treat a wide range of physical problems, as well as benefiting the mind, emotions and spirit. It works through the absorbtion of the oils into the bloodstream, as well as the aromas influencing the limbic system in the brain. A healing, uplifting and sensual experience.

Channelling – Part 1 – Edgar Cayce

Description of Channelling. The life of Edgar Cayce, his first reading, 20 years of successful healings, moving on to readings on philosophical readings philosophy, spirituality, meditation, dream interpretation, intuition, history and ancient civilizations, prophecies and relationship advice.