The Love Frequency

The Love Frequency
The November 2008 remaster of the original nu-paradigm rock gospel techno song (released originally in November 2006). Click the play button to listen.

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The Love Frequency – Quantum Leap Remix
This is the latest unmastered version of a trance rock remix that I started in September 2007 in celebration of the quantum leap in human consciousness (as proclaimed by Crimson Circle).  I have been working on it spasmodically since then.  When I am finally happy with it I will release it for download.

Music and Lyrics by Paul Vedant (production, lead vocals, all instruments).
Backing vocals by Yve.
Vocals and guitar recorded by Ricardo Grandi at A.M.I. Studios, Guaro, Spain, June 2006.
Various levels of production assistance from Qubenzisdj loopez and Manu el Santero

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