The Love Frequency Video

The Love Frequency (dance mix 2010)


To see the credits for the images and animations used in the video as well as links to the image and animation contibutors, click here

3 Responses to “The Love Frequency Video”

  1. Rich Says:

    Thanks for a great song and video. Admittedly I’ve heard the song a few times now and it still speaks to me. The video enhances the ‘love message’ really well. Keep it up Paul. I hope you get the attention you deserve,


  2. Lukas Says:

    Hey I just want to say that Love Frequnecy is masterpiece. I really feel my heart opening while I’m listening to it. It’s just grand. Warm hugs from my Shaumbra heart to yours. Good job, Creator. 😉

  3. Anu Says:

    What a beautifully soulful tune sweetie. It connects to the outer world and brings a message of enlightenment to a series of people from different strokes of life!

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