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I am a singer and musician, currently performing around North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales, Australia.

I am available to play at pubs, clubs, parties, weddings, anywhere where people are gathered to have a good time!  I play mainly covers, with a focus on classic rock ‘n’ roll, pop and country hits guaranteed to get people of all ages up on the dance floor!.  For bookings, rates and general enquiries send me an email via the contact page.

Although a solo performer, my sound is more like a band, as I use various effects on stage to give me drums, bass and backing vocals.  Unlike some solo performers I do not use backing tracks. 

See my current songlist

I have my own PA system suitable for a small to medium-sized pub room.


This website is also an outlet for my various other forms of creative expression:  original music, video, design, ideas, natural therapies and permaculture.

In the sounds section you can listen to some of the original music that I produce, including the song The Love Frequency, which came 2nd in the Crimson Circle worldwide song competition in November 2006.  In the downloads section you can download a free mp3 file of the song.  The video for this song contains many striking images and animations and is found in the sights section, along with photos and various other design work.

The smells section is about Permaculture, a holistic environmental design system.  As the effects of climate change begin to have an effect on food production and ecology in general, Permaculture is probably the most effective alternative to increasingly outdated mainstream agricultural practices.

In the touch section I have detailed information on the complementary therapies and massage that I have practiced in the past, while the taste page is a list of links to my favourite websites.

I welcome your comments which can be added on many of the pages on this site,  or you can send me an email via the contact page.

Paul Vedant