The Global Power Elite Are No Longer So Powerful

Our Earth is a planet of abundant wealth and riches, yet so much of this wealth is controlled by so few people.  The world’s billionaires — just 497 people — are worth over 7% of world Gross Domestic Product. A mere 0.13% of the world’s population control 25% of the world’s financial assets (statistics from Global Issues).   Things have pretty much been that way in most civilisations, according to our recorded history.  Sometimes I find it difficult to imagine a society in which wealth would be distributed more equitably.  Even Communism, the one great political experiment of recent times that in theory attempted to create a more equal society, has been almost universally declared a failure.

It is easy to understand the attraction of conspiracy theories that claim that the planet is controlled by a relatively small group of nameless faceless men, who between them hold enough strings to control their puppets – the political and business leaders – to maintain the inequitable status quo, that ‘to he who has, more shall be given, and to him that hasn’t, even the little he has shall be taken away from him’.   This mysterious group has been called by many different names: the Illuminati, the secret government, and the shadow government just to name a few.  It is claimed that its members are have links with – and possibly control – other organisations such as the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, the Neo-Conservatives, and the Freemasons.  Some of the more extreme conspiracy theorists claim that even the United Nations , the environmental movement and the New Age movement are controlled by this Global Power Elite.

Many theories about this Global Power Elite circulate on the internet.  Some of the more well known conspiracy theorists include David Icke, Alex Jones, William Cooper and Henry Makow.  Illuminati News lists the 13 families they believe to control the world.  Many of these sites make uncomfortable reading, not least because of their often cluttered layouts, creative grammar and tendency to shout at the reader by their overuse of capital letters.   But also because many of their arguments have an air of plausibility.  Even if only half of what they say is true, they paint a disturbing picture.  Such that they often give the reader an effect similar to one of the Global Power Elite’s purported methods, that of instilling fear.

Less well known are the views that come from the other side of the veil. Many channellers and spiritual teachers allude to the existence of the GPE, though few go into detail.  Those that do, however, have similar ideas to the conspiracy theorists.  They say that the GPE has held an extrememly powerful position for Earth’s recorded histroy.  In order to perpetuate the belief that this is simply the natural order of things, they have exerted enough control to wipe out much of the evidence of past egalitarian societies.  What evidence that has not been destroyed has simply been locked away, often for centuries.  Their work has been effective enough that mainstream historians who have no connection with or knowledge of the GPE vigorously defend the version of history that we are taught, and ridicule evidence that might suggest otherwise.

The GPE has a core group of a small number of families who have carefully orchestrated marriages between their members in order to keep their bloodline in power and control. The European royal families would often push their princes and princesses to marry into the royal families of other nations, and despite the reduction in power of monarchies today, this practice continues. Many of the US presidents, for example, have been claimed to have been related to each other, as well as to the British royal family.

Many spiritual sources claim that the GPE have links to extra-terrestrial entities, possibly reptilian in nature.  Although they don’t go as far as David Icke – probably the world’s most extreme well-known conspiracy theorist – who claims that the American Presidents and British royalty are actually reptilian ETs disguised as human beings, and that in some of their secret ceremonies they have revealed their true nature.  It is these more extreme views that generate the most attention for Mr Icke, often overshadowing his more plausible theories.

The GPE – whoever they may be – have never completely controlled the world.  Humans have always had free will, even if we have chosen not to exercise it.  But the GPE have always exerted enough influence over society’s major systems and institutions – governments, education, science, religion, military, police, judicial, electoral, banking, business and the media – to keep themselves rich and powerful and their machinations exempt from investigation and prosectution. Their greatest tool these days is the mainstream media, itself a field where a small number of people wield the greatest influence.  Mainstream media hides behind a facade of independence, consistently magnifying and and dramatising local and world events in order to promote confusion, uncertainty and fear.  Investigative journalists who dare to ask the hard questions are few and far between, usually quashed by their editors.

But as the evolution of human consciousness has lately accelerated, the power of the GBE has begun to wane.  They are not immune from the consciousness raising, and significant numbers of them are moving away from their traditional practices.  In recent years they have undergone a schism, and much of their energy and attention has been diverted by their two warring factions.  Although still dwarfed by the mainstream media on the internet, alternative media has been given a voice, and the word is getting out.

Despite the GPE’s very public influence over the 2000 and 2004 US Election results, this influence was not able to be sustained against the powerful grass-roots campaign of Barack Obama.  He still had to play along with them to a certain extent in order to garner enough of their support to get to the position that he is in.  Some of his choices of his support team have shown to be members of the afore-mentioned organisations, though it is not publically known where they stand in relation to these organisations.  Many politicians from both sides are either members of the GPE or under their influence, and so Obama – despite his strong mandate – will need time to reveal his true agenda.  Of course there are also situations that are so highly classified that he did not know of their existence or extensiveness prior to being sworn in as president, so he will be taking steps to learn about all the cancers in the country’s institutions, before he can begin to change them.  According to many spiritual sources Barack Obama is a highly developed being still yet to come into his full awareness.  As he does so he will be less and less influenced by the GPE.

cashpoint-slot-machineThat is not to say that Obama is a messiah who will save us from the GPE. The downfall of their system is inevitable due to its inherent structures that are built on greed and oppression. They simply cannot be sustained in the new consciousness energy. Although the GPE had a large influence over the creation of the housing bubble and the crash that followed it,  they were very much unprepared for the scale of the financial meltdown.  Many of them have no idea how the orchestrated crash has got so out of hand so quickly, and many of them will not survive it.  Though many around the world will suffer as a consequence, the collapse of the GPE will leave a void.  As their house of cards falls – this will continue for some time – their illegal and unethical methods that drive money and power upwards will be exposed.  The global economy will continue to plunge downward until its root causes are eradicated or reformed.  New systems, structures and institutions will then be born from truer and fairer democratic processes, along similar lines to the principles of equality and openness embodied in the internet.

The important thing here is not to give in to the fear that the GPE are propogating, especially through the media.  It’s a well-established method that they use – to orchestrate a situation that frightens a population who seem powerless to stop it, so we call on them to fix it.  In doing so we have given away our power and allowed them to tweak the system a little more in their favour.  The current situation is something that they cannot fix, indeed most of them have no idea what is going on.  They will be just trying whatever they can to hang on to their money and power.  For those of us on a conscious spiritual path who are tuning in to the expanded consciousness, there is no reason for us to give in to fear, even if it seems overwhelming at times.  The shift to higher consciousness now has too much momentum to be stopped or even slowed down by a Global Power Elite, many of whom will not survive the transition to the new energy if they are not prepared to change and relinquish their addiction to power.

Some helpful hints on how to survive this period of transition:  Breathe deeply on a regular basis, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed.  Stand back as much as possible from the global picture as painted by mainstream media. Don’t get caught up in the drama of it all – that’s what the GPE wants. Get involved in positive movements in your local community, they will help to sustain us all through the economic difficulties. Take time out for yourself, connect with nature, listen to music that soothes and inspires you.  Get in touch with your true divine nature, develop your spiritual awareness, be gentle with yourself.  It may be the end of the world as we know it, but we can envision a better world based on fairness, integrity and love!


Much of the information in this article was inspired by the teachings of the Crimson Circle, The Matthew Books, and the Pleiadians.

Further suggested reading for unconvinced conspiracy theorists: the excellent article Why Truthers Need to Vote for Obama, by Todd Putnam on

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  • hey paul, think you sent this to me before. just had a little read – didn’t read whole thing yet as I gotta get ready to go out n I have to a deadline to meet before I got out(!) – but will read rest later,.. anyway, you express it well. important to plant seeds of awareness. you’re a good writer. I believe in homer simpson. he’s my hero!


    Anu x0x0

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