New Energy and the Movement Beyond Duality

In several articles on this website I have mentioned the existence of  ‘new energy’.  This is a term used by many spiritual teachers to describe one of the principal elements of the current acceleration phase in the evolution of human consciousness.  This new energy is so new that it has not often been consciously perceived, even though most of us have apparently felt its effects momentarily without being aware of it.  There is little concrete evidence of it, it has yet to be examined in any detail by mainstream science. Therefore it is difficult to define.  Indeed one of its apparent characteristics is that it resists definition within the methodologies of mainstream science.  I make no claims to understand it or to explain it fully here, the object of this article is simply to outline some of its described characteristics, with the aim of increasing awareness of its existence.  Even a limited and somewhat vague awareness of new energy should enable us to begin to notice its subtle effects.  This is important because we have now entered a time of transition from the old to the new energy,  so to have an albeit limited appreciation of it will help us to navigate the difficult terrain of the changeover period.

The best place to start when attempting to understand what new energy is, is to first define what it is not.  So we need a very basic understanding of what old energy is.  It is over 100 years now since Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity.  This theory put forward what was a revolutionary idea at the time, that matter and energy were basically made of the same stuff.  His formula for this equivalence is the famous E = mc², which means that energy is equal to mass (of matter) times the speed of light squared.  What we call matter is mostly space, empty except for the energy that gives it the form of matter.  If all the space in and between the atoms of your body were removed so that the nucleus, protons and electrons were packed up against each other, you would be a barely visible but heavy speck, weighing what you weigh. In terms of its volume, matter occupies such a small amount of space that a statistician would call it negligible.  If you walk into a wall, it is not the matter in it that stops you walking through it, it is the energy field.  Many scientists believe that our universe is essentially a giant hologram.

What we perceive as matter is simply energy at various levels of vibration. All energy vibrates, or more correctly oscillates, between two poles.  When this vibration happens at a constant rate it has a frequency, measured in hertz. 1 hertz (Hz) equals 1 cycle of vibration per second.  Sound energy for example is the energy of vibrating particles at relatively low frequencies from 20 to 200,000 Hz.  Human hearing stops before 20,000 Hz.  Dogs can hear up to 50,000Hz, whilst dolphins can hear up to 200,000 Hz.  Light energy is electromagnetic energy, which includes radio waves vibrating from 10³ Hz, to microwaves from 10 to power 7 Hz, light waves from 10 to power 12 Hz, x-rays from 10 to power 16 Hz up to gamma rays from 10 to power 19 to 10 to power 23 Hz.

Crossing the strict boundaries of mainstream science is the idea put forward by many spiritual teachers that thought itself is energy, vibrating at frequencies much higher than we currently have the technology to measure. Vibrating thought energy has influenced how human consciousness has manifested in all aspects of life and society.  As electromagnetic energy vibrates between two polarities, so human thought vibrates between two polarities.  In consciousness terms this is known as duality, the tendency for human fields of thought to be defined by their relation to two opposite extremes.  For example:

Politics is described by its oscillation between the conservative right wing and the liberal left wing.

Religion is described by its oscillation between the elusive concepts of good, right and light on one side, and evil, wrong and darkness on the other.

Economics is described by its oscillation between rich and poor.

Gender is described by its oscillation between male and female.

History is described by its oscillation between a linear view and a circular view.

Science is described by its oscillation between what is provable and repeatable to what is unpredictable and therefore unprovable.

The origin of life is described by its oscillation between creation and evolution.

In all of these areas there has been a strong tendency for thought to be pushed to one of the two extremes.  So much energy is spent in the duelling (or should that be dualling?) between the two opposing camps, and development in these areas is slow and labourious.  As we become aware of the implications of the old energy concept of duality, we begin to realise how pervasive – and ultimately divisive – duality thinking is.  We need look no further than the mainstream media for examples of this.  Many news articles on a particular issue will quote an extreme viewpoint from one side of a debate, then in the interests of fairness, quote a voice from the other extreme.  Human nature being what it has been means that these extreme viewpoints are the ones most likely to catch attention and sell newspapers. Consequently the many more reasonable but less titillating viewpoints that lie between the two extremes are often ignored.  In reality it is usually these voices that make up the majority and will contribute most to the solution of an issue.   When presented with what passes for news, one is often left with a feeling of hopelessness, that there is a huge and unbridgable gulf separating both sides of an issue.  This is a tool often used by the global power elite who heavily influence the mainstream media to confuse and divide the population in order that they may continue the status quo.

But thankfully it’s not all bad news.  The acceleration in the evolution of human consciousness is producing a totally new type of energy that works in a radically different way than old energy.  Rather than being vibrational in nature, it is expansional.  It expands in all directions at once, like a balloon being blown up.  It does not rely on the existence of an opposing force and is therefore much more efficient.  Some scientists are apparently aware of its existence, but as it does not fit into their existing paradigms they are unable to measure or quantify it.

One of the characteristics of new energy that differs from old energy is that it does not act the same way in every situation, thus making it unpredictable and difficult to harness under existing scientific methods.  It will require a complete overhaul of scientifice principles.  New energy parallels some of the more mysterious areas of quantum physics, where particles will respond differently according to the conditions under which they are being observed. Experiments set up to produce a particular result will attain different results according to the expectations of those conducting the experiments.  This suggests that the quantum particles are responsive to consciousness, as new energy is purported to be.  

New energy is beginning to have effects in some of the afore-mentioned areas.  Politics is beginning to see a movement away from petty partisan squabblings to a more co-operative approach.  Traditional religious views are giving way to a deeper spirituality that sees beyond the simplistic ideas of separating life into what is judged as being good or evil.  The current financial crisis demonstrates the failure of old energy economics which will continue to falter until replaced by new systems based on fairness that will no longer allow huge gaps between rich and poor.  Gender roles are no longer so clearly defined by genitalia as people begin to embrace as their own the virtues and values of the opposite sex, and alternative sexual orientations and practices lose the stigma of deviancy.  Science is beginning to see the effects of new consciousness and will therefore discover new forms of cheap, abundant and sustainable energy that will replace our dependence on dwindling fossil fuels.

The changeover to new energy will not happen overnight, it will be a process that may take years.  But once its characteristics begin to be more widely acknowledged, the process will accelerate.  Old energy ideas will strongly resist the change for a time, but once these are seen for what they are, we will begin to live in a society that is fairer, more tolerant, efficient and spontaneous!


Much of the information in this article was inspired by the teachings of the Crimson Circle

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