Sure – Gaia Mind – Paul Vedant remix

This is a remix of a song by a UK singer/songwriter called Sure.  I was introduced to Sure’s music several years ago by Steve Charter from Ecoforest, when I was attending the Permaculture Design Certificate course. At that time she had a website where her songs could be downloaded for free.  She gave permission for remixes to be done from her music, and I started this remix from her acapella version a few years ago.  I had got about half way to completing it when my hard drive failed and I lost the original song files (consequently I now keep 2 copies on 2 separate hard drives!).  All I was left with was a rough mp3 mixdown of the song, which I did nothing with until recently, the result of which you can listen to below.  Unfortunately the vocals were a little low on the rough mix, and now Sure’s website is no longer in operation, and I have been so far unable to obtain another copy of her original vocals in order to enhance them.

I have not met Sure, but she practices what she preaches, having lived for several years in a forest in the UK, living close to nature and apparently thriving on what she can forage.  Her lifestyle and ideas are reflected in her songwriting.

Sure: vocals and lyrics
Paul Vedant: production and all instruments

Read the Gaia Mind lyrics

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